Toddler Christmas pajamas for girls look so cute on Christmas morning, and all through the season in your holiday photographs.   The toddler years are such a special time with your little one, especially at Christmas.  Those Christmas photos are just so much cuter with the children in their Christmas pajamas — or even family Christmas pajamas.  Now is the time to start those important family traditions — and Christmas pajamas are a fun way to start.   You can have your Christmas pajama party/tradition the day after Thanksgiving or on December 1 or any day you choose — so that the children can enjoy their very special holiday nightwear all through the holidays.

Red and White Toddler Christmas Pajamas for Girls

Carters Christmas Reindeer TutuCarters Christmas Reindeer TutuCarters Christmas Reindeer TutuChristmas Red Striped SleepwearChristmas Red Striped SleepwearChristmas Red Striped SleepwearReindeer Christmas PjsReindeer Christmas PjsReindeer Christmas PjsChristmas PajamasChristmas PajamasChristmas PajamasCarter's Girls' Christmas PajamaCarter’s Girls’ Christmas PajamaCarter's Girls' Christmas PajamaCotton Pajamas for GirlsCotton Pajamas for GirlsCotton Pajamas for Girls

Toddler Christmas Gowns for Little Girls

If you prefer that your little girl wear a Toddler Christmas gown, you could choose a red plaid, Mr Grinch or a beautiful solid red with white bow.  Add an adorable pair of Christmas slippers and your little one will be all dressed up the minute she jumps out of bed on Christmas morning.

Toddler Girls Plaid ChristmasToddler Girls Plaid ChristmasToddler Girls Plaid ChristmasDr. Seuss The Grinch ToddlerDr. Seuss The Grinch ToddlerDr. Seuss The Grinch ToddlerToddler Girls NightgownToddler Girls NightgownToddler Girls Nightgown


Toddler Christmas Slippers

Whether your princess is wearing Christmas pajamas or a Christmas gown, she will need slippers to keep her tootsies warm. These are adorable and inexpensive.   Perfect gift for your favorite toddler at holiday time.

Santa Claus Christmas ShoesSanta Claus Christmas ShoesSanta Claus Christmas Shoes3 Pairs Toddler Slipper Socks3 Pairs Toddler Slipper Socks3 Pairs Toddler Slipper SocksGirls' Classic Princess StyleGirls’ Classic Princess StyleGirls' Classic Princess StyleToddler Bear Plaid ClogToddler Bear Plaid ClogToddler Bear Plaid ClogFuzzy Animal SlippersFuzzy Animal SlippersFuzzy Animal SlippersToddler's Cute Cartoon SlipperToddler’s Cute Cartoon SlipperToddler's Cute Cartoon Slipper

what are the best gifts for 4 year old girls?
What are the best gifts for 4 year old girls?
  The 4 year olds in our family will love anything Frozen, and everything My Little Pony, books, baby dolls, Fisher Price dollhouses, outdoor playhouses, and things to ride on, especially if they are pink. Little girls love ruffles, dress up clothes of all kinds, and board games for preschoolers. If you are in a quandary about what to buy for a 4 year old, we are here to help with our favorites. Read the rest of this entry

Why Create a Family Recipe Book?

It is easy to make a family recipe book.  A family recipe book is actually a collection of memories of our lives. Old family recipes will disappear with time if we do not make an effort to preserve them.  Do you remember sitting around the table eating your favorite meal with your family?  What was your favorite meal at your grandmother’s house?  Did you enjoy a favorite snack when you came in from school?  What were your favorite smells?  I treasure the memory of walking in the house after school — smelling mama’s chocolate pound cake coming out of the oven.
family recipe book
Making a family cookbook is a great way to pass those recipes on to the next generation.  Learn how to make a family recipe book on this page.  Keep scrolling for ideas and steps.


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congo squares recipeMama’s congo squares cookie recipe has been in this family for over 60 years.  I can almost smell the congo squares in the oven. In 1954, the Tate family lived in Pendleton, SC. We loved to gather round and “lick the bowl” while they baked! Mama always made congo squares for church picnics, long trips in the car to visit relatives, and of course at Thanksgiving and Christmastime.
Note: “Lick the bowl” involved using a long wooden spoon to scrape the bowl of unused dough and eating it — yes, uncooked! Read the rest of this entry

Stylish Walking Canes for Men

Stylish walking canes for men are always well appreciated gifts.  Are you searching for a great looking walking cane? There is a beautiful selection of stylish walking canes for men showcased here! You will love the manufacturing quality of these unique walking canes, and the detail of the work that went into making them.

T Handle Walking Cane US Marines BulldogT Handle Walking Cane US Marines BulldogUnisex Eagle Head Cane Black MapleUnisex Eagle Head Cane Black MaplePeacock Walking StickPeacock Walking Stick

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coloring books for senior womenColoring books for senior women have come a long way, baby! When I started this fun new hobby about 4 years ago, adult coloring books were hard to find. As more and more of us discovered the joy of simply coloring a few minutes a day, more and more artists created beautiful books for us to color.

You can find funny coloring books, floral coloring books, and even inspirational coloring books. Like so many of you, I am busier than I have ever been in my life! But I always take 15 minutes a day for coloring. Coloring helps me to focus, to rest my mind and relax a bit. I even have coloring on my daily list of things to do! If you have not tried adult coloring books yet, now is the time.



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best gifts for cooking enthusiastsWhat are the best gifts for cooking enthusiasts on your list?  Your favorite cook has a big birthday on the way?   You don’t have to be a gourmet cook or an excellent baker to choose gifts your cooking friends and relatives will enjoy.

Quick Links to Gifts on This Page:

Abundant BBQ Grilling Gift Baskets for Men and Women

Gift baskets for grillers are such an appreciated gift. Your special champion of the grill will enjoy experimenting with his new basket full of toys. Read the rest of this entry

great gifts for the woman who has everythingIf you are searching for great gifts for women who have everything, I think I can help you today.   I have researched the possibilities and chosen five  unique gifts I think will make your shopping easy this year.

Fashionable Briefcase for the Woman Who has Everything

Banuce Women's Full Grains Leather Briefcase SatchelBanuce Women’s Full Grains Leather Briefcase Satchel
Has she updated her briefcase lately? This gorgeous, stylish leather briefcase will be a delight for years to come.
This is the perfect gift for a career woman who is so busy, she forgets to update her own work accessories.  She buys whatever she needs or wants throughout the year, but it simply never occurs to her to update her briefcase.  You can do that for her. Read the rest of this entry

yogi berra wall artThe funniest and the most collectible Yogi Berra wall art to give your baseball fan for birthdays or Christmas – all on one page. Yogi may be the most quoted guy in baseball.  Most of the time, his quotes make no sense at all, but baseball fans love a good laugh.   Yogi Berra wall art is a great addition to your den or for your guy’s own private man cave or sports room.

This Yogi Berra page presents a wide variety of gifts – varied in size and in price.  Just click any picture to visit and read more details and/or to make a purchase.   Have fun.  I have certainly enjoyed searching all over the internet for super Yogi Berra wall art today. Read the rest of this entry

best gifts for one year old girlsThe best gifts for one year old girls are both colorful and easy to handle in those precious little hands. One year olds are so very busy and explore everything. At that age, she may be standing alone or toddling around. Safety is a top priority, and of course, keep that camera handy for all of her “firsts” – such an exciting time for the whole family.

You will want to provide toys to snuggle and age-appropriate toys to explore.   She wants to talk on the telephone like her parents and grandparents and will try very hard to copy your every move.


In a hurry? click this box for the top rated gifts for 1 year old girls on Amazon.

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