The best gifts for 14 year old boys are age appropriate and well suited to his interests.  Most 14 year olds are fascinated by electronics, especially robots. If your 14 year old enjoys outdoor play, bubble soccer is all the rage right now. If

WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent PetWowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet

Chip is a robot puppy –he cannot not replace a real life dog but he’s pretty
close. Chip is an interactive toy but you will be surprised that you actually become attached to him.
Chip is a SmartDog and comes with a Smartband, Smartbed and SmartBall — everything he needs to become your son’s favorite pet ever.

The Smartband is used for control, activity and training.   Chip goes automatically to his Smartbed when he needs to recharge.  And of course, the SmartBall is for hours of fun play with your dog.

Chip will recognize you as his master and no one else as his owner. There are a wide range of interactive
functions and actions that can be carried out between you, Chip and theSmartBand.
Just like a real dog,  you will reward Chip for good behavior and he will learn what you like or don’t like.  After a few days of interaction, Chip becomes unique– trained to your commands and wishes.    Teach him to sit, heel and stay.   No, he does not bite or create a mess in the house.

If you are considering a robotic pet for your 14 year old this year, Chip is our top pick.



Bubble Soccer is All the Rage Among Middle Schoolers

Have you been seeing these large human hamster balls at your local parks? Kids love ’em! And the important part for parents is that they are so safe. Our grandchildren have had a wonderful time with these bubble balls and I have noticed many youth groups using them as well. I doubt if any serious game is ever actually played — it’s more about bounce and run and fall down and roll over and laugh and bump into your buddy and laugh and yell some more.

Bubble Soccer Balls Dia 5' (1.5m)Bubble Soccer Balls Dia 5′ (1.5m)(2-Pack) Wearable Inflatable Bumper Balls(2-Pack) Wearable Inflatable Bumper Balls


Skateboards for Teen Boys

Ask his friends or siblings about choices in skateboards and longboards.  Often, teens are trying to save money for an addition to their skateboard or longboard collection.

Board Blazers, The Original LEDBoard Blazers, The Original LEDLandwalker LED UnderglowLandwalker LED UnderglowGLOBE HG Big Blazer CruiserGLOBE HG Big Blazer Cruiser


The Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys’ Christmas Stockings

Most middle school aged boys love pranks and puzzles of all kinds.   Of course, they love gift cards to go to the movies or to their favorite restaurants, too.

Daron Shock Ball Hot Potato GameDaron Shock Ball Hot Potato GameLED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting GlovesLED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting GlovesWhoopee Cushion Makes Fart SoundWhoopee Cushion Makes Fart Sound


Of course, every teen will enjoy an abundance of candy and snacks, especially gummy bears and popcorn.  And remember, to slip some cash in that stocking, too.

Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-BearsHaribo Gummi Candy Gold-BearsChristmas Mini Santa'sChristmas Mini Santa’sChristmas Peppermint PattiesChristmas Peppermint Patties


Best Board Games for Teenage Boys 

One of the best gifts for 14 year old boys is a great board game to enjoy with his family and friends.   As a grandma, I just do not see electronic games allowing for as much camaraderie as an old fashioned game of Monopoly, do you?   Introduce your 14 year old boy to the joys of Trivial Pursuit — even the sports loving guys enjoy that one.

Rollick! The Hysterical Team CharadesRollick! The Hysterical Team CharadesMonopoly Board Game The Classic EditionMonopoly Board Game The Classic EditionTRIVIAL PURSUIT: Harry Potter EditionTRIVIAL PURSUIT: Harry Potter Edition



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Choose a Gift He Will Treasure – A Gift of Memories

Are you looking for a personal gift for your teen?   If he loved Hot Wheels when he was younger, and has a stash of them stuck in a closet or dresser drawer, give him a way to display and enjoy looking at them throughtout his teens.  He and his friends will enjoy talking about their favorites.

4 Super Hot Wheels Storage Ideas