princess dresses for babiesPrincess dresses for babies are a total delight for mom and dad and for the photographer.   These photos will be a treasure for generations to come. Imagine your daughter looking at her baby album when she is 50 years old.

Don’t forget to grab a tiara for her little head, too. Most of the “tiaras” for babies are made like headbands. Soft headbands are not uncomfortable or unsafe for baby to wear.

Let her beautiful little feet stay bare.  No fancy shoe can outshine those precious feet.


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best gifts for one year old girlsThe best gifts for one year old girls are both colorful and easy to handle in those precious little hands. One year olds are so very busy and explore everything. At that age, she may be standing alone or toddling around. Safety is a top priority, and of course, keep that camera handy for all of her “firsts” – such an exciting time for the whole family.

You will want to provide toys to snuggle and age-appropriate toys to explore.   She wants to talk on the telephone like her parents and grandparents and will try very hard to copy your every move.


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Giraffe Toys Toddlers Babies EnjoyCute giraffe toys toddlers and babies will enjoy through their first years — and some of the stuffed animals will become “best friends” long after your child starts to school.

Choose from giraffe toys, giraffe coloring pages, and even giraffe books created especially for toddlers and babies..

Take the time to learn a bit about giraffes, so that you can teach your child as he plays.

Never miss out on a learning/teaching opportunity.

What do giraffes eat?

Where do they sleep?

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Toddler Size Backpacks

Toddler BackPacks

Parents today search diligently for little backpacks toddlers can really use.  These youngsters are just as busy as other kids twice their age.

They have play dates, preschool, visits with family, field trips to see the world around them.  And they want to take their favorite toys along with them.

A toddler size backpack is a great way to ensure they have the items they are going to need along with them and give them their own ‘big kid’ like bag.

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