Toddler Christmas pajamas for girls look so cute on Christmas morning, and all through the season in your holiday photographs.   The toddler years are such a special time with your little one, especially at Christmas.  Those Christmas photos are just so much cuter with the children in their Christmas pajamas — or even family Christmas pajamas.  Now is the time to start those important family traditions — and Christmas pajamas are a fun way to start.   You can have your Christmas pajama party/tradition the day after Thanksgiving or on December 1 or any day you choose — so that the children can enjoy their very special holiday nightwear all through the holidays.

Red and White Toddler Christmas Pajamas for Girls

Carters Christmas Reindeer TutuCarters Christmas Reindeer TutuCarters Christmas Reindeer TutuChristmas Red Striped SleepwearChristmas Red Striped SleepwearChristmas Red Striped SleepwearReindeer Christmas PjsReindeer Christmas PjsReindeer Christmas PjsChristmas PajamasChristmas PajamasChristmas PajamasCarter's Girls' Christmas PajamaCarter’s Girls’ Christmas PajamaCarter's Girls' Christmas PajamaCotton Pajamas for GirlsCotton Pajamas for GirlsCotton Pajamas for Girls

Toddler Christmas Gowns for Little Girls

If you prefer that your little girl wear a Toddler Christmas gown, you could choose a red plaid, Mr Grinch or a beautiful solid red with white bow.  Add an adorable pair of Christmas slippers and your little one will be all dressed up the minute she jumps out of bed on Christmas morning.

Toddler Girls Plaid ChristmasToddler Girls Plaid ChristmasToddler Girls Plaid ChristmasDr. Seuss The Grinch ToddlerDr. Seuss The Grinch ToddlerDr. Seuss The Grinch ToddlerToddler Girls NightgownToddler Girls NightgownToddler Girls Nightgown


Toddler Christmas Slippers

Whether your princess is wearing Christmas pajamas or a Christmas gown, she will need slippers to keep her tootsies warm. These are adorable and inexpensive.   Perfect gift for your favorite toddler at holiday time.

Santa Claus Christmas ShoesSanta Claus Christmas ShoesSanta Claus Christmas Shoes3 Pairs Toddler Slipper Socks3 Pairs Toddler Slipper Socks3 Pairs Toddler Slipper SocksGirls' Classic Princess StyleGirls’ Classic Princess StyleGirls' Classic Princess StyleToddler Bear Plaid ClogToddler Bear Plaid ClogToddler Bear Plaid ClogFuzzy Animal SlippersFuzzy Animal SlippersFuzzy Animal SlippersToddler's Cute Cartoon SlipperToddler’s Cute Cartoon SlipperToddler's Cute Cartoon Slipper

what are the best gifts for 4 year old girls?
What are the best gifts for 4 year old girls?
  The 4 year olds in our family will love anything Frozen, and everything My Little Pony, books, baby dolls, Fisher Price dollhouses, outdoor playhouses, and things to ride on, especially if they are pink. Little girls love ruffles, dress up clothes of all kinds, and board games for preschoolers. If you are in a quandary about what to buy for a 4 year old, we are here to help with our favorites. Read the rest of this entry

Christmas toys for little boysChristmas toys for little boys are full of fun and high energy.  We consider “little boys” to be boys 8 and under.   Be sure to click on any product to read details and more specific age recommendations.  Whether your little fellow likes sports, LEGOS, or trampolines, there is something on this page to make him smile.  These gifts for little boys have been handpicked for this page. Read the rest of this entry

The best gifts for 14 year old boys are age appropriate and well suited to his interests.  Most 14 year olds are fascinated by electronics, especially robots. If your 14 year old enjoys outdoor play, bubble soccer is all the rage right now. If

WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent PetWowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet

Chip is a robot puppy –he cannot not replace a real life dog but he’s pretty
close. Chip is an interactive toy but you will be surprised that you actually become attached to him.
Chip is a SmartDog and comes with a Smartband, Smartbed and SmartBall — everything he needs to become your son’s favorite pet ever.

The Smartband is used for control, activity and training.   Chip goes automatically to his Smartbed when he needs to recharge.  And of course, the SmartBall is for hours of fun play with your dog.

Chip will recognize you as his master and no one else as his owner. There are a wide range of interactive
functions and actions that can be carried out between you, Chip and theSmartBand.
Just like a real dog,  you will reward Chip for good behavior and he will learn what you like or don’t like.  After a few days of interaction, Chip becomes unique– trained to your commands and wishes.    Teach him to sit, heel and stay.   No, he does not bite or create a mess in the house.

If you are considering a robotic pet for your 14 year old this year, Chip is our top pick. Read the rest of this entry

best gifts for ten year old girlsBest Gifts for Ten Year Old Girls

The best gifts for ten year year old girls are filled with color and action.  Whether they are playing games or Barbies with their friends or working on craft projects alone or with mom, preteen girls are full of fun and eager to learn new things.   Take advantage of this window of opportunity and give her gifts that will encourage her growth as a young lady.  Outdoor and indoor games, sewing and knitting, painting and drawing, and even playing dolls with Barbies or Monster High — each activity encourages her socially and intellectually. Read the rest of this entry

Best Gifts for a 14 Year Old GirlWhat are the best gifts for a 14 year old girl? When I asked my 14 year old granddaughter, she quickly replied, “Makeup, music, and money.”  I insisted we find gifts that could be wrapped in pretty packages — I am the grandma, and that is my choice.  This page is packed with ideas from both of us, so do keep scrolling.

Makeup for 14 Year old girls — I would be hesitant to buy makeup for a 14 year old without input from the parents, but I do know that the Neutrogena BB Tinted Moisturizer is a perfect light first foundation of sorts.  If my 14 year old daughter or niece or granddaughter requested makeup, the Neutrogena tint would be my choice.  Add a light pink nail polish, a lip gloss and a small makeup case.

Music and money requests are both solved easily with
gift cards.  While gift cards do not come in beautiful packages, the teens really do enjoy having gift cards on hand. The best gift cards for kids this age include movie theaters, music, and local restaurants.

Read on for Jessica’s top suggestions of gifts for 14 year old girls. Read the rest of this entry

hot wheels storage ideasHot Wheels cars are great fun, but moms always need a few more Hot Wheels storage ideas.   Boys love to collect these cars and play with them for hours — on the living room rug, in their rooms, outside in the dirt.   Their imaginations are boundless – if it involves cars, most little boys simply do not tire of them.  They just want more!  And so they collect them.  And the Hot Wheels collection grows and grows.

As parents and grandparents, we now have the opportunity to study Pinterest and discover creative ideas for Hot Wheels storage.  On this page, you will find the results of my time on Pinterest today.  I found 4 distinct ideas that seem do-able.

Do click on your favorites and give them some Pinterest love.  Your click will take you to the right spot on Pinterest to do that.   I hope you enjoy my selection. Read the rest of this entry

cute dollhouse ideasCute dollhouse ideas are plentiful on Pinterest — I have chosen my top 4 cute dollhouse ideas for girls. These are dollhouses for play, not for collectors, but I am sure you collectors out there can integrate some of these ideas into your creations too. Today I am searching for dollhouses I think our granddaughter would enjoy. Come join me!

You can click on the large pictures to find them on Pinterest. Share some love with these creative pinners.

Read the rest of this entry

Top Toys for 8 Year Old BoysWhat’re the best toys for 8 year old boys?   The top toys for 8 year old boys are as varied as the boys themselves.  Eight year old boys come in all sizes and shapes and they really do love life!  8 year old boys are full of energy, curiosity, and daring.  

What do 8 year old boys like?  They like toys that move, things to build, balls to throw and anything with wheels. Little boys are fascinating creatures. If you are buying a gift for an 8 year old boy this year and you have not been around him in a while, I hope you will find our suggestions helpful.

Our top toys for 8 year old boys list starts with balls.  Footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, playground balls will all be enjoyed for hours. If you want to buy a treat for a young boy, buy a ball. Most little boys will immediately put a new ball into play.

8.5 Inch Official Size Dodge Ball8.5 Inch Official Size Dodge BallIncredible Wham-O SuperballIncredible Wham-O SuperballHedstrom 55-6503BX Hop Up 66! HopperHedstrom Hop Up 66! Hopper


Wearable Inflatable Bumper Balls — The Newest Way to Play!

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The top gifts 5 year old girls enjoy include active outdoor toys and more complex indoor activities. She loves her doll, but now she wants a stroller,
a doll bed, a high chair, and clothes changes.

She still enjoys being outside, just like when she was 3 and 4, but now she is ready for more advanced riding toys and perhaps a small trampoline.  

Five year olds enjoy tents and hammocks, building toys like simple Legos and classic toys like Tinkertoys.

These are my top gifts for 5 year old girls – based on years of experience as a mom and a grandmama.

Little girls are generally easy to please and always fun to entertain.  Read the rest of this entry