great gifts for the woman who has everythingIf you are searching for great gifts for women who have everything, I think I can help you today.   I have researched the possibilities and chosen five  unique gifts I think will make your shopping easy this year.

Fashionable Briefcase for the Woman Who has Everything

Banuce Women's Full Grains Leather Briefcase SatchelBanuce Women’s Full Grains Leather Briefcase Satchel
Has she updated her briefcase lately? This gorgeous, stylish leather briefcase will be a delight for years to come.
This is the perfect gift for a career woman who is so busy, she forgets to update her own work accessories.  She buys whatever she needs or wants throughout the year, but it simply never occurs to her to update her briefcase.  You can do that for her.

The New Instant Pot for the Lady Who Loves to Cook for Everybody Else

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000WInstant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000W

If you ask her what she wants or needs, she replies that she has everything she could ever want. Fueled by her own generous spirit, she is constantly cooking and baking for somebody. We are really thankful to be her friend — even if it shows on our waistlines.

The instant pot is the latest device for the kitchen. It is a combination rice steamer, crock pot, and pressure cooker and more. The instant pot is easily programmed to do whatever you need it to do.

The best way to learn about this potential gift for your lady who has everything is to read the reviews. Simply click on this picture of the product and enjoy reading what makes this item a best seller at Amazon.



Gift for the Woman Who Spoils Her Dog Rotten
Furbo Dog Camera: HD Wifi Cam, 2-Way Audio, and Treat TossingFurbo Dog Camera: HD Wifi Cam, 2-Way Audio, and Treat Tossing

The Furbo Dog Camera is perfect for the career woman who hates to leave her pup home alone all day. With the Furbo, she can contact her dog via her iPhone and even throw him a treat. Fido can hear her voice and she can actually see what he is doing while she is talking to him.
Click on the camera to see a video about using the Furbo. You will be as convinced as I am that this is the perfect gift for the dog owner who has absolutely everything else for her pet.  I think this one is the best of all the great gifts for women who have everything!  My # 1 Pick and I know just the lady who needs this camera.
PS Guys, remember, the way to a girl\’s heart is to love her dog.





More Unique Gift Ideas For Women Who Have Everything

Most women would like to own a fireproof safe, but they don’t have one yet. It’s one of those things that stays on the list for “someday”. Or you might want to consider her own pink drill. Think about unusual items you might find for your lady who has everything in the book.

In Case You Need Gifts for Older Women Who Have Everything

Senior women are in decluttering mode. They do not need more stuff to put on shelves. Yes, she has everything imaginaginable cluttering up her house.  Think about items that would be helpful to her. The Amazon Echo is the absolute best gift for the senior woman who has everything. It takes up little space and provides music, news, weather, and plenty of trivia games to keep her brain active.
Consider gifts that would be helpful to her – a one touch can opener or a pretty walking cane.

Great Big Giant Bean Bag Chairs Adults Love to Sink Into

One of the most unusual popular items this year are the giant bean bag chairs for adults. Offering comfort and warmth, and often with luxury covers, these bean bags will fit almost anyone’s lifestyle.  Some of these are big enough for two adults!