Funny Golf Gifts for Men

golf gag giftsAre you looking for funny golf gifts for men? I live with the world’s best practical joker and a serious golfer too.

He loves adding funny golf gifts to his golf bag. His golf bag is full of silliness and fun!

You might think your guy is serious on the golf course, but believe me, these guys love a good laugh better than anybody.

This page is filled with his favorite golf gag gifts.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom. I think I have found a few gag gifts you have not seen yet.

PS  This photo is me pretending to hit a golf ball in hubby’s mouth.   Of course, I did not really try it, but the pose is so much fun for family photo albums.  You might want to try this yourself.  We also did it with him hitting the ball out of my mouth.   The grandchildren especially love those pics! Read the rest of this entry

gifts female bossesIt’s fun to find gifts female bosses will appreciate. Just put your thinking cap on for a few minutes and remember things that she likes to do.

Have you seen the newest Amazon Echo Dot? This little electronic device will tell her the time, play her music, tell her what’s on her calendar for the day, the weather, the news, or even set a timer. If she loves electronics, this is definitely the thing to do for her.

If she has a personal secretary, take her secretary to lunch and pick her brains for great ideas. Believe me, she knows her boss better than anybody else.

If this is a group gift, gather everyone and ask for a list of things they know she likes. Perhaps one of the group is her golf partner, or another takes line dance lessons with her.  It’s fun to set a theme and have everybody buy gifts that fit the theme.  This is especially fun with new electronic gadgets if she is rather geeky.  New products arrive every day.  None of us can really keep up with them all.  Fill a basket with products she has never seen before!

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Top Toys for 8 Year Old BoysWhat’re the best toys for 8 year old boys?   The top toys for 8 year old boys are as varied as the boys themselves.  Eight year old boys come in all sizes and shapes and they really do love life!  8 year old boys are full of energy, curiosity, and daring.  

What do 8 year old boys like?  They like toys that move, things to build, balls to throw and anything with wheels. Little boys are fascinating creatures. If you are buying a gift for an 8 year old boy this year and you have not been around him in a while, I hope you will find our suggestions helpful.

Our top toys for 8 year old boys list starts with balls.  Footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, playground balls will all be enjoyed for hours. If you want to buy a treat for a young boy, buy a ball. Most little boys will immediately put a new ball into play.

8.5 Inch Official Size Dodge Ball8.5 Inch Official Size Dodge BallIncredible Wham-O SuperballIncredible Wham-O SuperballHedstrom 55-6503BX Hop Up 66! HopperHedstrom Hop Up 66! Hopper


Wearable Inflatable Bumper Balls — The Newest Way to Play!

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The top gifts 5 year old girls enjoy include active outdoor toys and more complex indoor activities. She loves her doll, but now she wants a stroller,
a doll bed, a high chair, and clothes changes.

She still enjoys being outside, just like when she was 3 and 4, but now she is ready for more advanced riding toys and perhaps a small trampoline.  

Five year olds enjoy tents and hammocks, building toys like simple Legos and classic toys like Tinkertoys.

These are my top gifts for 5 year old girls – based on years of experience as a mom and a grandmama.

Little girls are generally easy to please and always fun to entertain.  Read the rest of this entry

downton abbey gift itemsFans of the now famous and beloved PBS series will appreciate any of the Downton Abbey gift items featured on this page. 

We want to remember the special series that brought us all so much great drama every season.  

For Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, you will watch Downton fans’ faces light up with joy. 

Better yet, have a Downton Abbey party to watch an entire season on your Roku and give these for door prizes.

You’ll find fabulous Downton Abbey gift items here for everyone on your gift-giving list.  Male or female.  Young or old. 

There’s something here for everyone.

These gift items from Downton Abbey can be placed in gift bags, gift baskets, Christmas stockings, and so on.  Be creative and have fun mixing things up a bit. Read the rest of this entry

Giraffe Toys Toddlers Babies EnjoyCute giraffe toys toddlers and babies will enjoy through their first years — and some of the stuffed animals will become “best friends” long after your child starts to school.

Choose from giraffe toys, giraffe coloring pages, and even giraffe books created especially for toddlers and babies..

Take the time to learn a bit about giraffes, so that you can teach your child as he plays.

Never miss out on a learning/teaching opportunity.

What do giraffes eat?

Where do they sleep?

How does a giraffe take a bath? Read the rest of this entry


Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

gifts for the woman who has everythingYou only think she has everything. There are some wonderful gifts for her – we just have to look a little harder to find the right thing.

What does she enjoy?

How does she spend her leisure hours?

Would she rather have a new gadget to help her with her daily chores or a beautiful piece of jewelry?

Gifts for the woman who has everything can be found and we are here to help you do that.

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Bah Humbug Gifts for Grumpy

Bah Humbug Gifts for the Grinches in Your Life

Bah Humbug Gift List Welcome to my Bah Humbug Holiday Gift Guide– for the Grinches in Your Life!

Sometimes bah humbug gifts are a necessity! We have all had rough Christmases before. Maybe this is your year to struggle through the holidays.

That’s okay. There will be happier Christmases ahead.

In the meantime, pull out your sense of humor and grab one or two of these bah humbugs! Laughter is free!

It’s fun to give and receive these funny and unique gifts! Bah Humbug shirts are a good way to remind a grumpy friend to cheer up, too.  Give some cheer to your grump this year. Read the rest of this entry

Beautiful Bohemian Gifts for Women

bohemian gifts for womenBohemian gifts for women include all kinds of funky products that will make her smile.  Imagine her delight when she opens her gift from you, and discovers a unique, captivating, delightful piece of jewelry, scarf or Bohemian decor for her home.

Boho is so popular right now, and very special women adore that unusual look — a little off the beaten path, a touch of hippie, a bright color or splashes of color.

She will be thrilled that you knew exactly what she would love the most!  And we all know there is no joy quite like finding the perfect gift. Read the rest of this entry

70th Birthday Gifts WomenChosen by women in their 70s, these 70th birthday gift ideas women will love make your shopping easy. Are you trying to be clever and creative this year when you select gifts for the special women in your life? Your mom, your lady, a close friend?

We have searched the Web, and conducted our own research by quizzing a number of women nearing or past 70 years old. What do they like, want, need, enjoy? As you can imagine, the preferences were quite varied and surprising. 70 year old women are busy and active and having fun. 70 is the new 50!

Make thoughtful selections for this special lady.  What would bring her special delight?   Bird feeders, gardening tools, or dance lessons?  Does she enjoy indoor or outdoor activities?  Would she totally love a Kindle Paperwhite ?   I read constantly in my Kindle because I can so easily enlarge the font – and carry a library with me.

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